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Confessions of a Sociopathic Social Climber

Chronicles of the social butterfly with a self-diagnosed psychological disorder.

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Masterpiece in a box...
Can't Shut up
Had several near-death experiences
Loves riding trains and planes and people's futile attempt for comprehension
Emotionally available
Spent 25 years being a kid
Unlikely bargain
Minor threat to some, major headache to the society
Designed to move
Worth crossing the river for
Wit as sharp as a Christophle silver knife
"kevin the narcoleptic", 4-day galera hide-aways, amsterdam, and sublime...., apivita, body shop, bola nights, bonete!!!!! bliss, brazil, cavalli, cebu, cork, double vanilla chai latte, dublin, epiphany, fashion merchandising, free drinks, green tea, havaianas, helmut lang, illustrado doughnuts, limerick, london, lugaw with lechon, makeovers, meeting strangers, monet, paris, peanut butter shake, photography, purple, sand, sea, spinacci, sun, tequila rose, thai pandan chicken, the aldeguer sisters, tofu steak, vanilla latte, venice, yogurt slush